Calculation cores

Calculation cores

By calculation core we understand, (financial-) mathematical algorithms, which are comfortably provided as an independent application. For this purpose, customer-specific functions are implemented by us in the mathematical software Matlab and made available as a compiler for easy and uncomplicated integration into your programming language / software environment. For example, Quasol calculation cores can be supplied in the following formats:

• C/C++ Shared Library
• Excel Add-in
• Java Package
• .Net Assembly

After installing the Matlab Runtime provided free of charge, all the functions and resources of the extremely powerful special software Matlab are implicitly made available to the users of our calculation cores. The calculation core is located on the end user’s side, which ensures that no data leave the software environment. Our calculation cores are particularly suitable for solving complex mathematical / statistical questions and for the rapid processing of large amounts of data. In the meantime, calculation cores are being used in 6 European countries to solve a wide range of different questions. Examples of applications in which our cores are already used:

• Valuation and risk measurement of derivatives
• Robo-Advisory
• Optimization under additional conditions
• Complex trading strategies
• Key figure calculations using large amounts of data

We would be pleased to provide you with a trial core free of charge. If you would like to use the calculation cores as a web service, require additional data supply or a complete software solution, we are also pleased to create a concept in cooperation with our cooperation partners.


Case Study Calculation cores

“We have been working with Quasol Calculation cores since 2011 and have already been able to solve various quantitative questions. Especially with the implementation of the DerivateV, it was a great advantage to be able to rely on Quasol’s financial know-how.”

Markus Dobler
Senior Consultant
PSplus Portfolio Software + Consulting GmbH

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